looking tired near the end of the black rock '5'

Hamish A Williams


Cumbersome runner. I've run three Edinburgh Marathons, a few half-marathons, several 10k races, the Black Rock 5 twice, a handful of parkruns, the Glasgow River Rat Race (which included walking off a plank into the Clyde), and have run Edinburgh's Survival of the Fittest twice ... and survived ... just. The times have always been shockingly bad ... although not as bad as the jump into the Clyde.

Personal Bests:

Distance Date Event Time
5km 19/06/10 Edinburgh parkrun 22m 54s
5m 08/03/14 KB 5 41m 26s
10km 07/08/06 Scottish Gas 10k 47m 33s
Half marathon 01/04/07 Edinburgh Forthside Halfmarathon 1h 52m 24s
Marathon 31/05/09 Edinburgh Marathon 4h 18m 58s

Recent runs:

Distance Date Event Time
5m 08/03/14 KB 5 41m 26s
Half marathon 01/03/14 Meadows (half) marathon (short) 1h 50m 57s
10k 22/09/13 Scottish Gas 10k 52m 44s
Half marathon 03/03/13 Meadows (half) marathon 1h 53m 54s
10km 07/10/12 BUPA 10k 53m 45s
Half marathon 09/09/12 Tallinn half marathon 2h 01m 27s
10km 05/08/12 Scottish Gas 10k 53m 56s
Half marathon 27/05/12 Edinburgh half marathon 2h 02m 36s
5 miles +/- 04/05/12 Black Rock '5' 42m 43s

Diplomacy player. Not very good. Could be described as "somewhat tactless".

Diplomacy bot writer. One of a number of people writing computer programs that will play the Diplomacy boardgame within the Diplomacy AI Development Environment (DAIDE) group.

Struggling to be a struggling author.

During office hours my job description is "IT Developer" and, when I started there, that was my job. I sat in a room and used Borland's Delphi as part of a team working on an in-house product. Time moved forward and now the role is far more fluid. Yes, there's still software development, but so much more is about data extraction and manipulation, and just plain helping people to get the best from the technology. I think IT Domestique (in the cycling sense) is a far better description of my role.

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Neurotic, pedantic, and often described as a grumpy old man.